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Our Family Music Studio Australia it is located at 108 James Cook Drive, Endeavor Hills, VIC 3802, and Australia. Our director the JORG PHILLIPP very supportive.

Our Family Music Studio aim is to provide expert level of music teaching in a friendly way and relaxed environment. The starting Beginner to advanced levels is available for Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Organ, AMEB Exam, Music theory.

We believe in nurturing our team observing student individual musical talents then only we provide proper guidance to our students. You can expect an excellent teacher trainer because our team should be experienced team in music. We are committed to providing best quality music teaching for everyone and we are covering all age group students. adult piano classes

We believe in nurturing our students and encouraging them to express their own specific musical talents and learning at their own pace while supported by structured teaching.


The great thing about our music is that you can join at any group, age, so whether you want yourself or your children’s to learn an instrument or music, it’s never too late. At Family Music Studio, we offer a fantastic range of music classes, it's covering everything from piano, keyboard and guitar, to singing, playing the organ, and learning music theory.

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